A humble beginning

How does one begin a blog? The first post appears to hold enormous expectations. It will shape the future of the whole blog, it tells me. It will be the defining moment, the post of all posts for my entire blog career.

Well, that pressure is outrageous, so this will be my first post. It’s a warm up, testing my voice on the vast stage of the internet. As I see it now, this blog is about the many connections I encounter and envision in my daily life as an environmental justice activist and diplomat.

Some connections begin with a whisper while others arrive amid emphatic fanfare. Many of the stories I share will simply be a steady exercise to articulate my vision for global peace, cooperation, sustainability, and cross-cultural celebration. Hopefully, this gradual articulation will lend substance and reality to my vision, and bring me closer to an international community of inspirational and aspirational movers and shakers in the global sustainability revolution.

This post, then, is a first tenuous connection between my thoughts, your digital page, and the living, breathing world calling to us from outside our coded walls. Welcome to Minds in the Matter. I hope you stay a while, find inspiration, and share your own insight, too.

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