The biggest thing

“This is a time when we all have to stand up, and have the biggest impact that we can. We each need to do the biggest thing that we can.”

I heard these words of inspiration in an interview with Regina Bateson on NPR this evening on crowdfunded political campaigns (emphasis my own).

Bateson, mother of 3, has no prior political experience and is running for Congress in California’s 4th district to fight for climate justice and other progressive issues. 

Bateson decided to quit her tenure-track job as a professor at MIT and run for Congress after hearing the Republican incumbent in her district denying the reality of climate change at a town hall.

I love the idea of each one of us doing the biggest thing we can- it’s critical for us to achieve a sustainable future that works in harmony with the planet.

Photo Credit: Copyright – kamchatka / 123RF Stock Photo

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