Unprecedented positivity

Are we doomed by climate change, or is there still hope? Christiana Figueres shows us how our attitudes make a big difference in deciding our fates on this planet.

In a short and inspirational TEDTalk, Christiana Figueres shares how she has injected positivity into every possible aspect of her work in the UN to fight climate change and bring about sustainable living.

Figueres was tasked with bringing together the world’s governments in the momentous signing of the Paris accord. She tells it well: the agreement is just the beginning, and many of the commitments need to be significantly updated in the coming few years to really achieve sustainable living on the planet. However, it is an incredible accomplishment for the world because it is the first time our governments have all agreed to get serious about sustainability.

How did she do it? No spoilers here, but the key is that Figueres realized she first needed to change her own negative attitude about the possibilities.

I always knew my boundless optimism had a place!

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