Imagine our brightest future

If we want to live a good life, we need to first imagine it for ourselves. Envision the beautiful planet we want to continue inhabiting, the fulfilling lives we want to lead, the fun we want to have, the bright future we want for our kids and descendants.

“We must see ahead with fresh eyes. That kind of seeing demands creative exploration, prototypes and experiments, cultural events and experiences, tinkering and invention, trying new things at scale, I want to be part of a movement that embraces the wild permission to do extraordinary things that comes from living in a collapsing society.” -Alex Steffen

This is the motivational call and manifesto that Alex Steffen has put out, because we all need to imagine and very quickly transform our societies from causing climate catastrophe to being wildly sustainable, beautiful and fun.

“Millions and millions of us are ready. We want to not only build carbon-zero cities and regions but to live the lives that will make them thrive.” -Alex Steffen

Ready? Let’s imagine, create, and build our beautiful future, now.

Check out Steffen’s manifesto and get inspired, starting here: The Last Decade.

Oh, and make sure you read Steffen’s series about the city of San Patricio. It’s brilliant journalism from the future that inspired my first futuristic journalism piece.

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