The Sunrise Movement Grows

I shared this #greendream for the future with fellow organizers in the Sunrise Movement. I thought you might enjoy this breath of fresh air, too.

One day in the coming few years, maybe we’ll have renamed ourselves the Sunrose Movement, because we’ll have been victorious in stopping the forces causing climate change and the many injustices to life on Earth. Together with so many allies around the world, we will have brought about a Just Transition to the beautiful, equitable, sustainable living of our collective dreams.

The sun will have risen. We will celebrate our victory. We will sing about how each of us stepped up as powerful leaders, oganizing together through and beyond some truly difficult and dark times.

We will bask in the first golden rays of morning light. We’ll share tea from our gardens as we listen to the chorus of birds warming up, and watch the bees venture out to bright, unfurling flowers. Our hearts will beat calmly.

As the life-giving sun climbs higher in the sky, the earth comes alive around us. There is a soothing breath of balanced life pulsing gently through the air, earth and water, in between our toes and beyond. We nod quietly to each other, and stretch out in the gentle sun for a short rest, knowing in our bones that we have secured a liveable, beautiful, loving world for the great grandchildren of our children’s great, great grandchildren.

We rest. It will be deeply restorative. After a rest, you gently open your eyes again.

As you wake and stretch from your rest, what is it you do next?