Hello, I’m Maia.

I’m Maia Jaffe. I believe in the power of human collaboration to create radically sustainable, innovative, connected communities that coexist with the amazing natural world around us.

My passion for cross-cultural collaboration and environmental justice is ingrained in the fabric of my life. My professional background is in international relations, non-profit management and business development. For five years, I worked as the Director of Membership and Trade Partnerships at the NorCal World Trade Center, where I promoted collaboration, entrepreneurship and sustainability through innovative exchanges in California and globally. In 2018, I left to spend more time with my young daughter and redirect my energy towards sustainability initiatives and climate justice.

I have written and published several award-winning papers, including A Shared State: Iraqi Refugees and American Veterans in the Aftermath of War, based on my original research on the intersecting experiences of the two groups in California after the 2003 war in Iraq.

In addition to stoking the flames of the sustainability revolution and being a full-time mom, I enjoy spending time with my husband, our daughter and our families, growing food, having potlucks with friends, dancing and hiking.

I’m a Bay Area native living in the San Pablo Watershed and a graduate of UC Berkeley.

You can find me on Twitter @maiajaffe